AppWriter Pocket

AppWriter Pocket is optimized for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

AppWriter is packed with incredible assistive features. All tools and features are seamlessly integrated and comprise context based word suggestions, text-to-speech and the special Dyslexie-font.

AppWriter Pocket - LingApps ApS



1 High quality synthetic voices ensure a great user experience. All menus and buttons are read aloud. Choose between a variety of different reading strategies, such as read from cursor position and read words as you type them. Highlighting supports the user while reading.

2 Context based word suggestions will allow you to produce high quality work and reduce the time it takes to do so. AppWriter predicts the word you want to use next.

3 AppWriter comes with one free language. Additional language are offered through in-app purchases. Choose between American English, Australian English, British English, Danish, Dutch, French, German or Spanish.

4 How do you manage the created document? It can be emailed, copied to clipboard for use in another app, send directly to Twitter, Facebook, iMessage or even as a text message.

5 AppWriter contains a unique user profile, that will let you access advanced customization options such as adding words to a user dictionary, adjusting the phonetic spelling contexts and read aloud setting. Your profile is always accessible from any iPhone or iPad with AppWriter installed. As long as you have internet connection, you can log out of AppWriter on one device and log in to AppWriter on another device, and your profile will then automatically synchronize your dictionary and your phonetic spelling to that device. If you are not online, changes to your profile will synchronize when you are online again.

6 The Dyslexie font is another great feature in AppWriter. The specific characteristics of the Dyslexie font make it easier for people with dyslexia to distinguish the individual letters. This reduces the number of reading errors as well as the effort it takes to read the text.