AppWriter Cloud

Designed with maximum simplicity, adaptability and flexibility,
AppWriter Cloud provide users of any age and level of ability with assistive reading and writing tools in the Chrome browser. AppWriter Cloud is closely integrated with Google Docs and the Google Chrome browser, and it is installed as a Google Chrome extension through the Chrome Web Store.

AppWriter Cloud

Why AppWriter Cloud?

1 Completely cloud-based assistive technoloy

2 Level the playing field for special education students

3 Ensure anytime accessibility

How do I get it?

Sign up for a free 1 month trial today – or contact us for an online presentation.


  • Context-based word suggestions
  • Text-to-speech with color highlighting
  • Integrated WebReader reads aloud text on any website and in pdf-files in the Google Chrome browser
  • Word prediction works in all text input fields in the Chrome browser. It is closely integrated with Google Docs, but it also works in Gmail, Google+, etc.
  • Advanced customization options
  • Support all major languages